Chinese Americans for Trump

It is hard for Chinese Americans to support Trump in 2020 given the Covid and deteriorated relationship between two countries, where one is where I was born and grew up and one is where I work and live and love.

China has been opening up since Deng era. I definitely benefited from his policy. My parents and my grandparents suffered greatly in cultural revolution. That’s why I always doubted the political structure of this country, if there is a good leader, lives are good and prosperous. if there is a bad leader, everybody suffered. Those uncertainties and the lack of balance and check makes China a superficially peaceful country on top of ticking bomb.

Especially when China has grown to the second largest economy (if not the biggest), its power has expanded to its neighboring countries and even western countries. It’s suppression of free speech has shown strongly in Hong Kong and for western enterprises with business in China. Due to its totalitarian nature, the government will seize control of everybody in the society. Though it’s efficiency has no doubt, its intention of suppress individual rights for greater good has never changed.

I was wishing a peaceful rise of China but the chance is so dim given what happened those two years. It proves again that a political structure that lacks balance and check, transparency will hurt the people at one point. It will endanger the world.

Trump is not a perfect person and he is not a typical politician either. He even called China virus that caused enormous pressure on Chinese Americans. Why do I still choose to support him? Because I believe he is true believer in American values and constitution and he would defend the country against a dictator that could dominate the world with economic power. And the faith doesn’t exist on the other side who I can see a weak leadership and who would sold the country for his personal gain.

Those are my thoughts as a Chinese American living through a difficult time. I will vote for Trump for 2020.

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