Will the America be saved

This is the longest dark day for 2020, and tomorrow the day becomes longer, every day, non-stop. Will the America be saved?

Covid-19 not only brought us economic crisis, also shows how our democracy is at risk. The politicians, globalists and big tech, media have gained so much power and aggression, they rather choose to destroy the foundation of this country in order to defeat who stands in their way, through cheating and lies. The country is at great danger of destroying itself within.

The founding fathers were fully aware of the weakness of men, thus they had chosen to use different branches to balance the power and avoid concentration. but they didn’t imagine all these branches rotten in the same swamp, colluded. in 2016, the election outcome had people’s voice heard, now they used ballot harvesting, machine to cheat. Without fair election, the elites don’t need to listen to the true voice anymore, as long as “there is no riot on the street”. Will American people live with this? Will the America be saved? The biggest democracy country in the world. We need courage, we need to stand up and we need to fight back. We need to pray, this is the last free land. There is nowhere else to go, so we can’t back down. We have to remember what our country was created for.

God bless USA.

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