The investment world is changing,dividend needed

With rising inflation and interest rate, the stock market is not doing well, so does Muni, to my surprise, muni closed fund was down drastically.

在日益增长的通货膨胀和利息之间,股市现在做的不好,包括muni, 对利息的敏锐,下降得很吓人。

The growth stocks are doing so bad, which is understandable, people take less risk and economy would fall into recession. People are scared


But I found some shiny spots in the market, there some some undervalued stocks that pay huge dividends. ZIM, GOGL,the dividend rate is about 20%😀, if we hold the stock, we are paid well even the price volatility is high. Maybe for recession, we need to get dividend to give us more comfort.

但是在这个股市,我发现有一些股票付很高的分红。ZIM, GOGL, 差不多有20%, 如果我们拿住这些股票,价格波动,仅仅分红也相当不错,也许,recession, 我们就需要这些分红给我们信心。

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