Sailing 帆船

拖家人的福,投资🐶去学习了一下帆船。扬帆启航的感觉真好。完全借着风里力,看风拉帆掌舵。当帆完全吃力的时候,整个船都倾斜了,在水中滑翔的感觉太帅了。下次我再来好好学习,写写驾驶帆船的心得 Going with the family, investment-dog has a chance to learn a bit sailing. Rise the mainsail and jib, and go with the winds. when the sail captures the wind, the whole boat is almost tilted and like flying on the water with full speed. Next time I will talk about sailing in more details.

风险和回报 Risk And Return

People are usually saying, no risk no return. But I am saying If you don’t know the risk associated with the investment, sometimes you assumed all the risks without the return. I had a painful experience when I invested a lot in gold without knowing its real risk. The price is volatile and it doesn’tContinue reading “风险和回报 Risk And Return”

投资和投机 Investing v.s. Speculation

Investing or speculation are two very different ways of thinking. If a person sees the asset valuable and want to hold for a long time, he would like to buy it at the right price and hold it for a long time until the value is not worthy in his opinion. If a person isContinue reading “投资和投机 Investing v.s. Speculation”

无为投资 Effortless Investment Style

It is not a negative term at all to invest effortlessly. As we all know, most active investments can’t beat the broad market and the management fee and expense is way higher. A lot of famous hedge funds can’t consistently beat the market either. I bought renaissance hedge fund which claims to be one ofContinue reading “无为投资 Effortless Investment Style”

财富自由 Financial freedom

Usually we achieve the financial freedom by generating passive income. Once the passive income can cover the cost of living, people don’t need to work anymore. It doesn’t mean you stop working completely, but actually means you have the freedom to do what you want to do and plan your life with complete control. 通常我们通过被动收入来获得财富自由。如果被动收入能够支付所有的花销,人就不用在工作。不用工作的意思并不是不做任何事情,而是有自由去做更多的事情。不用在为钱工作,而是根据你的兴趣和喜欢的生活方式来计划你的生活。Continue reading “财富自由 Financial freedom”