Stock market is going to crash? 美国股市要大跌了吗?

US stock market seems to rise so well, such that people start to forget how it feels when it crashed last year. 美国股市最近涨的太好,以至于人们忘了去年股市大跌的惨状 Are we going to ride like this forever? The answer definitely is No. sp500 now sits on a dividend rate 1.3%, lower than bubble peak, the price level certainly is notContinue reading “Stock market is going to crash? 美国股市要大跌了吗?”

Muni is doing well And ARK is not

After I posted a while back on recommendation of Muni, it has been 4-5 months, Muni is indeed doing well. The PIMCO closed-end muni funds have generated monthly cash flow for me (roughly 5% tax-exempted return) and some of them have quite a bit price gain (> 10%). e.g. PNI, PYN and PMX. At theContinue reading “Muni is doing well And ARK is not”

Will the America be saved

This is the longest dark day for 2020, and tomorrow the day becomes longer, every day, non-stop. Will the America be saved? Covid-19 not only brought us economic crisis, also shows how our democracy is at risk. The politicians, globalists and big tech, media have gained so much power and aggression, they rather choose toContinue reading “Will the America be saved”

Closed-End Muni as a Passive Income for High Income Earner

高收入者的被动收入的法宝-封闭式地方债基金 I came across the closed-end muni in Sep and have started purchasing for 2-3 months. In this historically low interest environment, I believe it has provided high income earner a good alternative of tax-free cash flow monthly. 我在今年九月接触到封闭式地方债基金,并且这两,三个月都在购买。在利率历史新低点的, 我认为它提供了高工资人士一种免税月付分红。 Why Muni? Municipal bond’s income is tax exempted at federal level and state level ifContinue reading “Closed-End Muni as a Passive Income for High Income Earner”

Sailing 帆船

拖家人的福,投资🐶去学习了一下帆船。扬帆启航的感觉真好。完全借着风里力,看风拉帆掌舵。当帆完全吃力的时候,整个船都倾斜了,在水中滑翔的感觉太帅了。下次我再来好好学习,写写驾驶帆船的心得 Going with the family, investment-dog has a chance to learn a bit sailing. Rise the mainsail and jib, and go with the winds. when the sail captures the wind, the whole boat is almost tilted and like flying on the water with full speed. Next time I will talk about sailing in more details.